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Bug be-gone: Essential Oils we can use for Bug Repellant

Part 3: Let’s finish up our discussion on essential oils we can use for bug repellant. Using nature to repel nature has never been so easy with so many choices! Isn’t it great that there are so many? If you haven’t already found some favorites, maybe you will in this last segment.

Lemongrass: This essential oil is right up there with Citronella as far as being a popular one that you’ll find in some commercial bug sprays. The scent may be familiar to you. It’s very fresh and summery! Lemongrass will help you repel bees, wasps, chiggers, fleas, mosquitos, and ticks.

Peppermint plant in a silver bowl
Peppermint is a wonderful idea for planting in the yard. It smells amazing and repels creepy crawlies!

Peppermint: Peppermint is a surprising one that not a lot of people think of when they think of bug repelling essential oils. This oil will help get rid of a wide variety of insects, including: ants, bees, wasps, fleas, flies, gnats, lice, mosquitos, and spiders. Amazing peppermint oil is also a natural insecticide. This is another good herb to plant around your yard or patio. It smells lovely, helps repel bugs, and you can use it in your mojitos!

Pine: Pine oil is another one that I would have never initially thought had bug repelling qualities. I love the smell of fresh pine. This is a good one to use for lice and mosquitoes.

Thyme tea and Pasithea's Garden table
Thyme is a powerful tool for repelling bugs.

Tea Tree: Tea Tree, also known as Melaleuca, smells so fresh and clean. It has an almost antiseptic scent to it, and besides being great at killing some bacteria, it’s also helpful for getting rid of some insects. Use Tea Tree to help repel fleas, flies, lice, mosquitoes, and ticks. Also, Tea Tree can be anti-parasitic. Super helpful!

Thyme: Not just great as a culinary herb, Thyme essential oil is a great bug repellant as well. Use Thyme to chase away chiggers, flies, lice, mosquitos, and spiders. You could plant some thyme herbs around your garden and patio area outside, and while this won’t be as potent as the oil itself, it could help and it will also make your yard smell lovely.


So now that we’ve learned about all of the essential oils we can use to repel bugs, what do we do with this information? Here are two helpful ways you can use aromatherapy for getting rid of insects.

Apply topically as an insect repellent - use one or more of these oils to make your own bug repellent. Add to water in a spray bottle or combine in a lotion and apply liberally when you’re going to be outside. Remember to reapply about once an hour or so. Also pay attention to your dilution. No more than 1-3% per ounce. Mix well in the lotion and if you use a water bottle shake well before each use. You can also get yourself some of our Pasithea’s Garden Bug-off Bug spray and not have to bother with making your own.

Use in a diffuser - Set up a pretty diffuser (or several) on your patio to help chase the bugs away. Add your favorite bug repelling oil or come up with your own creative combo of a few different oils and diffuse away! Not only will this help repel insects but it will create a wonderful aroma ambiance while you enjoy the outdoors. This can be especially helpful for when you are dining outside.

I also mentioned planting some of these herbs and plants around your patio and yard. This will have only a very small effect on getting rid of the pesky bugs. It will help a little but won’t be as effective as using the oils on yourself or in a diffuser. This is still a lovely way to do some bug repelling though, and also adds wonderfully fragrant herbs to your outdoor area.

I got the majority of this information from Aromatics International, a company I like to buy some of my essential oils from. Below, I’m including a handy-dandy chart I got from them that can help you pick the oils you want to use at a quick glance. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about using aromatherapy for insect repellent. You can also go read more about the oils to use for natural bug repellant in our previous blogs: Using Nature to Repel Nature and More Bug Repelling Oils to Love!

Now go play outside!

Best Essential Oils to use for a Natural Bug Repellant
Here is a handy chart to help you out! Save to your phone for quick reference.

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