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Who is Pasithea?

Pasithea is the goddess of rest, relaxation, and meditation.

We could not think of a better diety to be the namesake of our vision and purpose. We believe our products will tell her story. Welcome to Pasithea's secret garden. Here's to living a more joy-filled, rested, and centered life.

Lavender Fields with mountain scape. Origins of Pasithea's Garden.

Our Story

Scent is powerful. It evokes memories and is the seat of learning. Smell is our most underutilized sense yet it's one that has an enormous effect on our emotions and actions. Think about how you feel when you smell chocolate chip cookies baking, the cologne your crush wore in high school, or the scent of a puppy.

I love essential oils because not only are they nature's perfume, they have therapeutic effects as well. The smell of lavender has long been associated with relaxation, but the chemical components of lavender actually have a sedative effect on your central nervous system! Inhaling the scent of lavender oil changes both your mental state and the actual cells of your body. And I think that's really cool.

I first learned about essential oils and aromatherapy in massage school back in 2011. While I enjoy doing bodywork, aromatherapy has become my great passion. I began studying aromatherapy formally and obtained a certification in 2022. Along the way, I used my education and knowledge to craft my own products. It was only a matter of time before friends and family started asking me to make their products also, and I realized how helpful this was for assisting people who couldn't make it onto my massage table.

I could send stress-relieving products to friends far away and still help them relax. I could make a pain-relieving salve for a client that helped give her relief in between her massage appointments. Of course, people loved that the products worked, but they really loved the way they smelled. I started making perfumes, beautiful blends of oils that had no specific purpose other than to just create a beautiful scent. And so, through all of this fun experimenting and crafting in my home studio, Pasithea's Garden was born. Using nature's perfume to create products to help relieve stress and tension, and overall just add joy and beauty to people's lives.


Certified Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist

Our Mission
Jennifer Carr Scopp, senior creator and owner of Pasithea's Garden Apothecary

This is Us

Pasithea's Garden offers a wide array of products for aromatic and therapeutic benefits. We know that it matters what you put on your body. Every day we are bombarded with chemicals and situations that can put unnecessary stress on our bodies and minds.  We believe in using the gifts provided by Mother Nature to nourish our bodies and minds so that we can flourish. We use essential oils and carrier oils that are harvested in their time, where they grow best, and are held to very high standards for efficacy, potency, and purity.


If healthy, happy living is important to you, Pasithea's Garden is your home. If holistic healing and natural remedies just make sense to you, our garden of joyfully crafted products awaits. Come take a stroll with us in a place where good times are simple and decisions are uncomplicated.


Welcome to Pasithea's Garden. Time to enrich your inner green witch. We specialize in creating products for emotional wellness, muscle tension, skin and body care, and personal fragrance. Pasithea's is filled with plants and a dash of magic. Open the gate to our garden apothecary!

Our Services

Want to be part of our greater mission?

Apothecary by Pasithea's Garden, Image by Matt Briney

Did you know that we work with other small businesses and corporations to provide custom-curated products? We would love to offer you the opportunity to bring clean and pure products into your space. Follow the link to be redirected to the Custom Blend Request Form. 

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