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As a licensed Massage Therapist I know that one of my client’s number one complaints are tension and pain in the neck and shoulder areas. Often this creeps up into a headache. Now you can get relief for this common problem in between your massage appointments! 


This convenient to apply rollerball is a melt-your-tension blend that I personally take with me everywhere. Frankincense and Marjoram mix together for easing muscle tightness while Lavender delivers that calming effect for tension release. Add to your cart - you will thank us. 

Tension Ease Rollerball

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  • Keep your products in a cool place. Natural oils don't fair well in direct sunlight or when exposed to extreme heat of any kind. Please be sure to store away from windows.

    Please no returns of aromatherapy products. Exchanges may be considered on a case by case basis. If your product arrives damaged by production, please let us know and we will attempt to rectify the issue.

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