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She has boundaries.

Tea Tree looks knows how to do compassion without compression.

Tea Tree essential oil is a great oil for the Throat Chakra. It's many therapeutic properties have been shown to support respiratory health, and energetically it can help us to speak up and feel less victimized. Tea Tree is the Oil of Energetic Boundaries.

Tea Tree, Essential Oils, Tree with roots, nature
Strongly Rooted Tree has strong limits and boundaries.

Tea Tree has disinfectant therapeutic properties, and it also helps to clear out the emotional infections caused by negative energy. Tea Tree can help us clear out the toxic relationships we may have formed in our lives. The negative emotions Tea Tree assists with: poor boundaries, weak-willed, drained, emotional toxicity, and toxic relationships.

Crystals that pair well with Tea Tree oil would be stones that support the Throat Chakra, such as turquoise, or other blue stones. Some of the positive properties of Tea Tree: it helps support healthy energetic boundaries; encourages respectful connections; and helps us to feel empowered, resilient, and safe.

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