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Glass half full or empty?

Arborvitae can be a total game changer in the emotional space of your life.
Lady holding a cactus.

Do you have someone in your life who is the eternal pessimist or optimist? And it literally drives you insane...Yeah, me neither. #eyeroll I'm teasing - it really irks me when someone ALWAYS has the positive spin when I want to be negative or vice versa! It is on these days I reach for arborvitae to help my attitude.

Arborvitae is the Oil of Divine Grace.

This oil helps us stop the constant struggle for achievement and learn to accept the flow of abundance. Arborvitae can be grounding and calming. It helps us to see the grace in our everyday lives and to find balance.

Arborvitae's Latin name means "to sacrifice". Use this oil to help you surrender to divine grace and feel in the flow of life. The positive emotions of Arborvitae: peaceful, surrender, grounded, trusting, relaxed. #essentialoilsrock #onedropatatime #naturesgift

Did you know?

Arborvitae is a wonderful oil to use during your yoga practice. It has such soothing qualities that it can enhance your experience on the mat. Try applying a drop to the inner wrists with your carrier oil of choice and find a little inner peace.

If you have Arborvitae, trust us, the glass is always half-full!

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