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Say It Ain't So...

Why do you feel like you can't speak your truth? Blame it on that Throat Chakra.

This fifth chakra is right where the name suggests, at our throat. It is SO important to the energy of communication. When our throat chakra is blocked or unbalanced, we have difficulty expressing ourselves, just like if we have an actual sore throat. Not being able to express ourselves can lead to frustration, feelings of not being heard or seen, and feeling resentful because we are not getting what we need in life. The throat chakra is so important to communication because it’s how we speak our truth.

Throat chakra, throat space,
The throat is vulnerable to illness such as colds and flu. The throat chakra is the center for spoken and unspoken word.

Pasithea's Garden recommends Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Tea tree for opening and balancing the throat chakra. These oils nourish the throat chakra and are also oils that can help protect the health of the throat.

Eucalyptus: is known as the Oil of Wellness. It’s no wonder eucalyptus is a great throat chakra oil. This oil is anti-bacterial and just plain smells like it’s healthy for you! Energetically, eucalyptus helps with the deep emotional need to be sick. When you have been denied the ability to speak your truth, sickness may be the only way to get attention. Eucalyptus helps to physically combat illness and mentally help to pull you out of the emotional dumps that can allow sickness to take root.

Tea Tree: This is another oil that smells like it’s killing every bad bacteria and virus in the room! Many people associate the scent of Tea Tree with medicine and wellness. Tea Tree (or Melaleuca as it’s sometimes called) is the Oil of Energetic Boundaries. Ooo, I bet you can guess how this will help to support your Throat Chakra? This oil helps clear energetic baggage and toxic relationships. Has someone or some situation been preventing you from speaking your truth? Tea Tree will help you get rid of it! And, like Eucalyptus, Tea Tree has disinfectant qualities, so physically it also helps to combat nasty germs.

Herbs, Essential Oils, Apothecary Table
Rosemary on Pasithea's Table

Rosemary: This oil is packed full of a chemical known as 1,8 cineole, which has wonderfully powerful anti-bacterial qualities and is fantastic for supporting your respiratory health. Energetically, Rosemary is more of a brain oil. It stimulates the pursuit of knowledge and memory. This can be helpful for the Throat Chakra as it encourages us to ask the questions we need to speak, to gain the information we need to grow and move forward. A lot of speaking our truth is asking the necessary questions. I like this oil for the throat for it’s physical characteristics but I also like to use it for the Third Eye chakra (which we’ll talk about in another blog.)

To apply any of these, gently massage a drop or two over the front of your throat while meditating and resting. You can also use one drop of any of these in a steam to help with upper respiratory congestion. How do you do a steam? Heat up some water in a mug, add a couple drops of your chosen oils for the throat, and inhale the steam from the mug. You can even throw a towel over your head to make a little tent for the steam for inhalation.

Important notes: Don't drink this mug of water and shut your eyes tightly or cover them.

Other helpful energies to use with the throat chakra: amazonite and turquoise (one of Pasithea's faves), the color blue, the Goddess Alethea, and in tarot the card of Justice and Judgement.

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