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Wait, I have a Solar Panel?

Yes, you do! It is called the Solar Plexus Chakra and just like the sun, it shines for you!

The Third Chakra, or the Solar Chakra, is located about where your solar plexus is. Never heard of it? The solar plexus is located where your ribs come together, just below your diaphragm. This chakra is the Power House of your energy field. When your Solar Chakra is balanced you feel confident and powerful. Having a healthy Solar Chakra is the key to manifesting all that you created with the power of your second, Sacral Chakra.

We associate the sun with solar power. Think about the solar plexus being the solar panel that receives light to generate power, or energy. So it is no wonder that when the Solar Chakra is in-balance, you feel like Superwoman or Superman! You've got all the power! In those terms you can understand how the solar energy is received in the body and the next chakra, the Heart Chakra which is next in line creates energy flow! It is truly amazing.

For this chakra, Pasithea's Garden loves using oils that are bright, brilliant, and sparking with energy. Use oils that harness the confidence and magnetic qualities of this chakra. Citrus oils are brilliant for this.

Solar, Sun, Citrus, Solar Plexus Chakra, Essential Oils
Bring me all the citrus!

Grapefruit especially resonates well with the Solar Chakra as Grapefruit helps us to honor and love our bodies. Grapefruit also helps us to stop hiding, to step out into our rightful place in the world with assertiveness and purpose.

Bergamot is another oil that I like for the Solar Plexus Chakra. Bergamot is the oil of Self-Acceptance. It helps us to raise our self-esteem, to be optimistic, hopeful, and confident.

Lastly, Helichrysum is another oil I like to use for this Third Chakra. Helichrysum is a wonderful oil for healing pain, both physical and emotional. Helichrysum can help us overcome anguish and trauma, and to bring us courage, hope, and determination.

To use these oils for balancing the Solar Chakra, put a couple drops of oil in the palm of your hand and massage gently into your solar plexus. Breathe deeply for a few minutes until you feel calm and confident.

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