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Light that Fire!

Did you know there is a chakra that influences your feeling of "self"? Your creative thoughts and even your fertility? Welcome to your Sacral Chakra.

The Second Chakra, or the Sacral Chakra, is located about 2 inches below your belly button. This chakra is the domain of your creative potential. It is the center of both creativity and procreation. When this chakra is blocked or otherwise impaired, it can cause a lack of inspiration or loss of interest in your creative projects or even physical infertility.

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The essential oils I like to use to care for my Sacral Chakra are oils that help to light a fire in us, and get our creative juices flowing. Here are the three I like to use the most:

Tamala - This oil has a warm, spicy, fragrant aroma that is warming and comforting. Tamala is in the same family as cinnamon but has a softer scent and is gentler on the skin. It's also great for helping with muscle tension, so try massaging a couple of drops into your low back for low back soreness.

Cedarwood - I like using oils from the trunks of trees for the sacral chakra. Though we are still low on our chakra tree we are getting into the "trunk" area, and using oils from these areas of the plant help to give us energetic strength and stability. Cedarwood has a soft, woodsy scent and can help us feel confident and calm.

Patchouli - The scent of patchouli oil is unmistakable. Earthy, woodsy, musky and sweet, patchouli is an oil of sensuality. Using this on your sacral chakra is calming but also helps to increase the flow of creativity and desire.

Being creative is one of the easiest ways to ease uncertain or nervous feelings. Creative expression can certainly manifest as nervous energy. Ignite your passion center for creativity, calm the unsettled, and inspire your most feminine energies. Get that Sacral Chakra in balance and connect with all the pieces of you that you've been neglecting.

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