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Did you know you have a beautiful crown?

The Seventh chakra, the very place where our shining crown is, the very top of our head. Starting at the base of the spine, our “root”, we have traveled all the way up the trunk of the Body Tree and we now find ourselves at the highest point in the branches, the Crown Charkra.

The Crown Chakra is all about connecting to our Higher Power, in whatever way is meaningful to you. The energy of this chakra provides a link to our Creator and the Divine. If you could see the Crown Chakra it would look like a violet purple ring around the top of your head. It radiates what is called the Violet Ray of compassion and protection. Having an open and active Crown Chakra allows you to be aware of your connection to God/Source/Divine. Feelings of disconnect can mean the chakra is closed or not functioning properly. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and so it is natural for our Spirit to always seek a connection with the Divine.

When it comes to selecting essential oils to use for this chakra, I really like using the resinous oils. Resin is like the blood of the plant, and symbolic in our Body Tree of our own blood. Since our blood runs all throughout our bodies, resin oils can be used for any of the chakras. I particularly like it for the Crown Chakra though, as there is something very powerful about our blood and its connection to our Source/Creator.

Here are three of my favorite oils for the Crown Chakra.

Myrrh: The energy of this oil is about connection to Mother Earth and to our mothers, symbolic of Source/Creator and the Divine. Myrrh oil can nurture the connection between us and Mother/Mother Earth. It helps us to feel safe and secure and to reestablish trust between us and the world. The connection with Mother Earth comes not only through the Crown Chakra but also definitely through the Root Chakra, therefore Myrrh would also be a good oil to use for the First/Root Chakra.

Opoponax: This oil is closely related to Myrrh and is made from the resin of the Commiphora guidottii tree. It is very grounding to use in meditation and can create a feeling of inner harmony, wonderful for work with connecting to the Divine. It has a dark, earthy, sweet scent. Opoponax, like Myrrh, is considered a base note. Why would we want to use a base note at the top of our Body Tree? Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a top note? Not when it comes to oils for the Crown Chakra. Just as we used our Root Chakra to connect to the Earth/Source, we use our Crown Chakra to connect to Divine/Source, in a way coming full circle. At both the roots of our Body Tree and at the crown it is helpful to use grounding, connecting oils.

Frankincense: I love using Frankincense for the Crown Chakra. Frankincense is the Oil of Truth, and what else are we looking for in our connection to the Divine other than our own Truth? If Myrrh helps us to connect to Mother/Mother Earth, then Frankincense helps us to connect to Father. In this way, we find total connection to our spiritual creation. Used together, Frankincense and Myrrh are a powerful duo. Try using Myrrh at your Root Chakra and Frankincense at the Crown.

Empaths and psychics have an easier time keeping their Crown Chakra open, but for the rest of us it may require more work. Meditation and mantras using the oils mentioned above can help. When meditating, apply a drop of oil to the center of the top of your head to help open your Crown Chakra. Other tools to assist with Crown Chakra meditation are amethysts, selenite, and in tarot - The Hermit. This chakra is also associated with the goddess Shakti.

The way we live our lives, words, actions, even thoughts, has an effect on all of the world around us. To connect with your divine nature is a powerful gesture of your willingness to connect with the energy of the world. So walk tall today knowing that you wear a pretty little crown every day of your existence. You get to choose how brightly it shines!

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