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Roman Chamomile: On- purpose

Roman Chamomile: The Oil of Spiritual Purpose

To often we fear that if we follow our dreams we will fail and become destitute. Roman Chamomile oil can help us shed the meaningless activities that take up too much of our time, and help us to focus on what matters as far as accomplishing our goals. Sometimes even goals for the soul. Roman Chamomile eases the overactive ego-mind and restores confidence to keep us on the path of achieving what we were put on this earth to do. Roman Chamomile essential oil is made by steam distilling the petals of the flower. It's emotional, or energetic qualities are that it may reduce anxiety and calm and soothe an over-active mind. Therapeutically, Roman Chamomile is great for the skin and may help to reduce inflammation.

You may be more familiar with using Chamomile as an herb in tea. Chamomile tea is calming for the mind, helpful for digestion, and tasty! In plant lore Chamomile symbolizes "patience in adversity". In ancient Rome, soldiers would anoint themselves with Roman Chamomile essential oil for courage before battle. This daisy-like flower is sometimes called the "plant physician" because it has positive effects on plants growing nearby. The scent of Roman Chamomile makes me think of apples and honey. In perfumery it is a middle note, with hints of green, floral, herbal, balsamic, and vanilla.

In tarot, Chamomile is associated with the Ace of Swords. The Ace of Swords symbolizes the expansion of thoughts, enlightenment, and illumination. But, like with all double-edged swords, there is always another side to things. We must guard that our confidence and determination do not turn into aggressiveness and selfishness.

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