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Emotionally Constipated?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Lavender to the rescue. For the heart, it works (almost) every time.

Do you have trouble saying what is on your mind or in your heart? Does that throat space feel a little constricted? Liquid courage takes on a whole new meaning when you speak of lavender oil and your ability to speak from an authentic space from within.

Energetically, Lavender is the oil of communication and calm. It helps us to say what we really want to say despite the fear of being seen and heard. It helps unblock withheld expression and dissipate the stress of potential rejection. Lavender encourages emotional honesty and open communication.

Lavender & Light
Nature's purest beauty.
Chakra Shock

Lavender is a Heart Chakra oil. Apply a drop to your heart and/or at the nape of the neck to encourage an open heart. Inhale deeply and allow the heart to open and things to flow as they should. For healing support, Lavender works well with Frankincense and Helichrysum.

Swiss Army Knife of Oils

It would probably be quicker to tell you what lavender can't do rather than list all the ways it can effectively assist you on your natural solutions journey. Note that this only works with therapeutic grade essential oil. Junk is always junk so don't be fooled by the imposters. Synthetic fragrance oils will not have the same chemical properties. Therefore, you might be disappointed in the results - we sure don't want that!

Lavender essential oil has anti-bacterial properties. I sometimes put a drop or two on a cut or scrape, after washing with soap and water. Lavender is the apothecary's choice for burns to to skin. Another interesting way to utilize lavender oil on your hair for healthy growth support.

Pasithea's Garden likes lavender with woodsy notes and earthy scents.
Lavender essential oils and wood oils
Pair lavender with a wood oil and fall in love.

Lavender is a common scent used in perfume making. It is a Middle Note, part of the body of a perfume and is considered an enhancer, modifier, and equalizer. It has an intensity of 2. Lavender blends well with a lot of oils. Almost all citrus oils go well with Lavender as well as floral scents like geranium.

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