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Crowned with Laurel Leaf

Native to the Mediterranean, laurel leaves are a symbol of victory in Greek mythology and were used as a head decoration to symbolize rank and achievement. For example, the winner of the ancient Olympic games was traditionally given a laurel wreath.

greek history, laurel leaf crown

Laurel Leaf essential oil (Laurus nobilis) is steam distilled from the leaves of the shrub. It is most commonly harvested in Turkey or Bulgaria. Fun fact time! Did you know that Laurel Leaf is also referred to as bay leaf? What is the difference? Bay leaf is the culinary term for laurel leaf. Bay leaves are sometimes used in flavoring soups and stews.

Laurel Leaf essential oil has an herbal, spicy, and somewhat minty scent. There is a hint of sweetness at the end, which I think must come with that slight minty-ness. It's a wonderful smelling oil!

Laurel Leaf essential oil is good for cleaning. One of its main chemical constituents is

laurel leaf, bay leaf

eucalyptol, which is highly cleansing (and this is probably where it's herby, eucalyptus-type scent comes from). It is gentle enough to be used to help cleanse the skin, yet powerful enough to be used as a refreshing surface cleanser. Laurel Leaf essential oil can be helpful with circulation and purification and also with lymph congestion. Try it in a massage

diluted in your favorite carrier oil to help support the body's natural detoxification process.

The Energetic and Emotional Properties of Laurel Leaf essential oil: Laurel Leaf uplifts the mind and can help with focus and concentration. It can help move stuck energy, both emotional and energetic, and give you a confidence boost. Maybe you need to give yourself a crown of Laurel Leaf for all the hard things you've done this week.

Or maybe book a massage with our spa? We think so! #pasitheasgardenspa

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