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Eucalyptus' Got the Power

I feel like this should be a song. Oh wait, I think someone wrote that one already.

It probably comes as no surprise that Eucalyptus would be the oil of Wellness, as it's a common go-to oil for aromatherapists when dealing with illness. Especially illnesses such as colds, congestion, and allergies.

One of my favorite ways to use eucalyptus is with steam. This can be super helpful if you're feeling congested. Put one drop of therapeutic-grade eucalyptus essential oil in a steaming bowl of hot water. Place the bowl on a table and sit in front of it, leaning over the bowl. Drape a towel or blanket over your head, also enclosing the bowl, so that you're trapping the steam inside your towel "tent". Relax and breathe deeply! Make sure to be careful with the hot water, and don't use more than one drop of the oil. #essentialoilsrock #onedropatatime #naturesgift

Chakra Shock

Eucalyptus has a strong influence on the throat, both physically and emotionally and it's a strong supportive oil for the Throat Chakra. Emotionally, Eucalyptus is supportive for those who are often getting sick. It is not only a helper for these individuals' actual physical ailments but also for their emotional baggage. For those feeling they are "always sick", or "I can't ever seem to get better", or "I only get attention when I'm sick" eucalyptus can move that negative mindset into a progressive and helpful mindset. Eucalyptus helps with the confidence to let go of these beliefs and break the cycle of being ill.

Chakras Aligned and Eucalyptus Essential Oils and Pasithea's Garden
Chakra Rocks, Eucalyptus Drops.

If you feel like your throat space is a little slow on the spin or is at a stand still, try a drop with some carrier oil on the front of the throat. For good measure, take a good inhale with the hands AWAY from the face. Eucalyptus can be a little irritating around the face and eyes.

Did you know?

If you need a reset - Eucalyptus is here for you. If you need a little restoration - Eucalyptus. If you have had enough of feeling sick and tired what do you have to lose.? A quick scalp massage with Eucalyptus can bring relief from head tension and tension in the brain that keeps you in a cycle that isn't helpful to you.

If you have Eucalyptus, turns out you've got the power.

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