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Divine Rose.

Roses come in many different colors, and there is meaning in giving a certain color rose as a gift. Red roses signify passion and desire, pink roses are for love and romance. Yellow roses are for friendship, and white roses for sympathy and compassion. My personal favorites are the pink roses. But rose is more than just physical beauty. Her emotional component is literally the highest form of love.

Roses, essential oils, baskets, pink roses, Rose essential oil
Queen Rose: Beauty Personified

Rose is the Oil of Divine Love.

Rose oil is not only a powerful healer of the physical body. It is also a strong spiritual healer. As rose helps to heal the body, it also helps to heal the mind, as rose teaches the need for divine grace and intervention in the healing process.

Strong women, goddesses, essential oils, rose, divine love
Goddess Vibes

The Rose is often associated with powerful female figures such as Venus, Isis, and Mary. These three women/goddesses are seen as healers, givers of life, nurturers, and the physical embodiment of love.

Rose is a supportive oil for the Heart Chakra. If you are feeling sad or depressed, massage a couple of drops of rose oil over your heart and breathe deeply of the soothing, nourishing scent of the Rose.

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