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Hurting Heart? Call on Geranium.

Geranium Flowers, Essential oils, pretty garden
Geranium Flowers

Geranium is the oil of love and trust. It can help us to believe in the goodness of others and to learn to trust again. It encourages honesty and forgiveness and can help heal a broken heart. Geranium can assist us with facing suppressed pain and softens our anger so we can forgive. Despite these powerful attributes, Geranium is a gentle oil that encourages us to nurture ourselves. It softly prods us to set aside the logical mind and feel the warmth of the heart.

Geranium is a lovely oil to use for the Heart Chakra. If you are suffering from a broken heart in some way, try massaging a drop or two of Geranium oil over your heart before bedtime or before meditation. Another energetic tool to use with Geranium is Rose Quartz. Not only is rose quartz a beautiful stone but it too has properties that help with the emotions of a broken heart, or feeling “heartsick”. Try putting a drop of Geranium oil on a rose quartz pendant and wearing it over your heart.

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