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The creation of a perfume...

My inspiration for Snowy Solstice Woods was to invoke the feeling of the holiday season. Just the name of it brings to mind a walk in a snowy forest. However, I did not choose scents that you would find in a forest. Wait, what?!

Being from North America, I take for granted that the Christmas holidays are in winter! I’m writing this while sitting on the porch at a country house near Buenos Aires, Argentina where it is currently summer. The irony of writing about a snowy holiday season while in the southern hemisphere is not lost on me! With Snowy Solstice Woods, I wanted to create a scent that was more reminiscent of the spirit of the Winter Solstice. (Also, it’s kind of hard to come up with a scent that smells like snow.)

Grapefruit may not seem like an obvious Christmas holiday scent, but it’s one of my favorite top notes. I love its sparkle and juiciness. I had also discovered that I really loved the

combination of grapefruit and clove together. This is an example of how a random accord can sometimes be an inspiration for me as well.

Clove is an obvious holiday scent, and combining it with grapefruit gave it a softer, rounder scent that almost smells like there’s vanilla in it. The other accord is a combination of frankincense and rosemary. I wanted to add more holiday-ish scents but didn’t want it to be too obvious. Frankincense is another fave of mine and I think it always gives some depth and grounding to a fragrance. Plus, I think Frankincense definitely goes with Christmas! Combining it with rosemary was lovely and, ta-da! Using rosemary gave me the green, fresh scent I was looking for without using an obvious pine tree scent.

Combining these scents created a fragrance that evoked the spirit of the holidays without being an obvious Christmas scent. It’s warm and cozy with a hint of fresh green. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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