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Basil: The Oil of Renewal

Basil essential oil can be helpful for those experiencing adrenal exhaustion, as well as nervousness, anxiousness, and despair. The smell of basil oil can bring strength to the heart, and relaxation to those people under a lot of stress and mental strain.

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5 drops of Frankincense, 4 drops of Lavender, 4 drops of Sweet Basil, 2 drops of Roman Chamomile added to 1 full ounce of jojoba oil.

Basil essential oil may be helpful for those trying to give up stimulants, as basil can help restore our natural energy. It can give hope and optimism. It is a wonderfully supportive oil for those who are tired in both body and mind.

Whether your body or your heart needs renewal, Basil is a powerful choice. Above is a recipe for using Basil essential oil to make a soothing oil for tired, achy muscles. You can use either Sweet Basil or Tulsi Basil for this blend. Combine the essential oils in the jojoba. Make sure to use a glass bottle or a PET essential oil safe bottle.

Basil and the Two of Wands

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In the Herbal Tarot, Basil is associated with the Two of Wands. On this card, a young nobleman holds a sphere, or globe, and seems to be surveying all that is available to him. This could be a very positive outlook, or a very self-centered view. This card teaches us to not mistake material wealth for spiritual wealth. Basil can help with this by supporting idealism and a clear inner vision. It can help us to follow through on our projects.

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