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Stuck in a rut?

Aromatherapy has 5 tried and true healing benefits.

The gift of smell is everything and you can totally use them to do incredible things. There are five stages of healing that aromatherapy can assist with:

Healing of the physical body

Emotions usually take up residence in our bodies, especially if they’ve been hanging around for awhile. Ever notice how a couple days of constant stress starts to make your shoulders tight and achy? If you’ve been suffering from a physical ailment for a long time, this can have negative impacts on your emotions. Being sick can be frustrating and stressful! Luckily essential oils have an impact on us both physically and mentally/emotionally.

Healing of the heart/emotions.

Releasing limiting beliefs.

Increase of spiritual awareness and connection.

Inspiring the fulfillment of one’s life purpose.

Lady in bed, feeling overwhelmed, resting
Stuck in a rut? Trust your sense of smell.

Release and Receive

Negative emotions that are stuck in the body must be released before there is space to receive positive feelings. Emotional healing occurs as old negative feelings come up and we are able to “see” them. Sometimes, we know we feel crappy but aren’t sure what is the cause. Aromatherapy won’t do our emotional work for us. Instead, essential oils shed light on what we are holding onto that is not serving us well, so that we can recognize and then take steps to throw away what is the source of our emotional disease. This can be an uncomfortable process that we have all probably experienced at least once in our lives. While aromatherapy helps to bring up the negative that needs to be purged, it also gently supports us so that we can work through the process with grace.

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