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Davana is Divine

Introducing Davana. This divine smelling oil is great to have on hand for sore, achy muscles.

Extracted from the aromatic davana plant, this oil is coveted for its diverse properties. With its remarkable anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidant benefits, it promotes skin health and boosts emotional well-being. #PasitheasGarden

You can also massage Davana oil into your belly to help with upset stomach cramps. Davana's ability to help with cramping stomachs may have something to do with it's being part of the same family as Chamomile, another oil that helps with belly aches. Isn't it interesting how many natural solutions there are for such common issues that we experience? It is so cool how Mother Earth provides.

Field of Daisy plants
A cousin of the daisy: Davana is divine!

This plant is native to India and is likely to be found in many home gardens. Davana attracts tons of butterflies, always a great addition to the backyard garden. Davana has a sweet, warm, woodsy, fruity scent that is popular amongst perfume makers. The oil is steam distilled from the leaves and flowers of the Davana herb. Some will even say it is a little tipsy in the aroma meaning smells of dried fruit which may explain why it can be considered an aphrodisiac. It is a common note for perfume because of it's chemical makeup being so complex that it smells differently on each person who uses it. This is maybe why perfumeries, like Pasithea's Garden, is such a big fan of Davana.

Energetically, Davana oil helps us stay calm and grounded during times of change. It can be especially helpful to our emotional balance and tapping into our true self.🌿🍃 With its unique properties including stress-relief, promoting emotional balance, and enhancing creativity. ✨✨ This oil blends well with florals such as rose, magnolia, jasmine.

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