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Essential Oils Love Your Skin

The fact that there are essential oils in our Pasithea’s Garden skin care line is no accident. They’re not just there to help things smell amazing! We have selected the essential oils in our skin care products not just for their beautiful scents, but for the wonderful therapeutic properties that they have for your skin. The oils are there to contribute to the overall effect that the products have on your skin’s health and appearance. So how do we know which oils to use? Here’s a quick and easy rundown of what oils can help with what.

First up, let’s talk about oils that help to HEAL your skin.

Beautiful product of nature
Dried Chamomile Buds: Beautiful and Useful

Chamomile, both German and Roman:

Roman chamomile is one of the oils we use in our Nourishing Skin Oil, and there’s no doubt as to why. Roman chamomile is healing and soothes irritated skin. (We also love the way it smells!) German chamomile can be helpful for wound healing and burns. It’s also nice for soothing insect bites and rashes.


Another top player in our skin oil, frankincense is anti-inflammatory, skin healing, wound healing, and may be an anti-aging helper. (Which doesn’t hurt the wonderfulness of our skin oil at all.)


Geranium for the skin
Geranium: Not just a pretty face (pun intended!)

Another member of the face oil gang. We love Geranium for its beautiful scent, but also because it’s great for inflammatory skin issues. Let’s not forget, I first made this skin oil to help me with eczema on my face. Another benefit of geranium is that it may also help balance sebum, which is your skin’s natural oils. A side note on geranium, I recently used it to help me get over a bout of shingles. I added a couple of drops of geranium to jojoba oil and massaged it into the area where the shingles were. This seemed to help a lot with reducing itching, swelling, and nerve pain!


I always say, if you’re gonna have any essential oil around, you gotta have lavender. This powerhouse oil continues to do so much good for us humans. Lavender is the fourth and final essential oil that we put in our Pasithea’s Garden Nourishing Face Oil. It can be skin and wound healing and is anti-inflammatory. Lavender helps with burns, wounds, rashes, itching, ulcers, and bug bites. Whenever I get a small cut, I immediately wash it with soap and water and then put a drop of lavender on it before I put a bandage on. Lavender is like nature’s Neosporin. It is really good stuff!

In our next blog entry we’ll go over some more skin healing essential oils, like Jasmine, Myrrh, Neroli, and more…don't miss it. You can subscribe to our future blogs and newsletters by clicking here.

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