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Forget jewelry, Get me Geranium.

Geranium isn't JUST a pretty flower. She is a pretty big deal.

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Hey there, pretty girl!

First of all, I love the smell of it! It reminds me a lot of rose oil, but without the expensive price tag! This is good to keep in mind. Geranium can be a great substitute for rose in a fragrance or added to rose to increase that note, but is more cost effective. I often use Geranium with rose oil in my products. Geranium also blends wonderfully with Ylang Ylang, Neroli, and Sandalwood. In perfumery, Geranium is a middle note of medium intensity.

I also like using Geranium in therapeutic blends. It’s an important part of our Nourishing Face Oil as Geranium is very hydrating for dry, aging skin. Some of its other therapeutic properties are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial (both also great for skin); and antidepressant. Geranium is a supportive oil to reach for when your mood is low. It is relaxing and calming for the mind and heart. Geranium is a friend to women, as its therapeutic properties are a great help during menstruation.

Nourishing Skin Oil, Essential Oils, Geranium
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A client of mine who suffers from Fibromyalgia has found Geranium to be a great ally. She has told me that whenever she has a Fibro “flare up”, she adds a few drops of Geranium oil to her body lotion and massages it all over her body. She says this not only helps relax her mind but helps lower the pain levels in her body. It’s so wonderful she’s found Geranium to help her with this!

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