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Buh-Bye Brain Fog

Brain Fog. Is this a familiar term to you? When you read those words, do they resonate with you? Maybe you’re more familiar with Brain Fog’s brother, Mental Fatigue. Yeah, that’s one

that I can relate to!

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Brain Fog? Be gone.

There are many things that can contribute to us having a feeling of brain fog, mental fatigue, lack of concentration, poor memory, etc. Stress, being physically tired, having a lot on our mind, sickness, grief, and more. If this feeling persists for a long period of time, we definitely want to consult our healthcare practitioner. For support with treatment and for more temporary situations, aromatherapy can help.

Here are some essential oils that can help with brain fog, and support better mental focus:

Ravintsara: Brings circulation to the head and can clear up “stagnant energy”, helping you to better focus. Ravintsara has a fresh, clean, eucalyptus-like scent.

Rosemary: Stimulates the memory and opens consciousness. Has an herbal, woodsy, and camphorous aroma.

Peppermint: Fresh, sweet, and minty, peppermint is purifying and stimulating to the mind. It can aid with memory and mental performance.

Frankincense: Can help minimize distractions and improve concentration. It can help ease impatience, irritability, hyperactivity, and restlessness. Overall it is a very grounding, calming oil. I find it’s very helpful for meditation. It’s scent is very rich and deep, and incense-like.

Lavender: The one oil everyone should always have on hand. Lavender helps our mental capacity by promoting consciousness and creativity. It’s scent is herbaceous, woody, and floral.

Sandalwood: This oil can help us mentally by calming and harmonizing our emotions, and balancing our “monkey mind”. It is also a good oil to use for meditation. It has a soft, earthy, balsamic, woodsy aroma.

Laurel Leaf: Uplifts the mind and increases concentration. Removes stuck emotional energy and boosts confidence. It’s scent is fresh, sweet, and spicy-herbal.

So, now that you have a great list of oils to help you dispel brain fatigue and increase focus, how can you best use them? A quick whiff from the bottle could do the trick, but here is a blend recipe from the Aromahead Institute, which you could use in a diffuser or an inhaler. An inhaler is a great option if you are at work or another public place and can’t use a diffuser.

Essential Oils, Brain Fog, Mental Fatigue
Remember what you forgot? Your Brain Fog Blend.

Brain Fog Support Blend

2 drops Ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora 1,8 cineole)

2 drops Black Spruce (Picea mariana)

1 drop Peppermint (Mentha × piperita)

You can also ask for a brain fog banishing blend during your Essential Wellness Aromatherapy Massage.

Or request an Aromatherapy Consultation where I can make a custom blend for

your unique needs.

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