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Three C's of Lavender.

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Cardiovascular (support), Calm, and Communication. Lavender.
Potted lavender
Fun Fact: Lavender can help repel bugs

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) is one of the most commonly used essential oils. It’s the one to have on hand for any number of issues, and one I always recommend is a good oil to start with if you’re just getting interested in using aromatherapy.

In Medieval times, there was some debate on whether Lavender influenced love. Some people claimed that wearing it would help keep the wearer chaste, while other people thought it had aphrodisiac qualities that would create the opposite effect! Can you say Bridgerton series? Or better yet, Outlander.

Lavender essential oil has a familiar herbal, floral, green scent. It has both sharper, almost camphor like notes as well as softer, powdery notes. A lot of people like the scent of Lavender, but I actually know some people who can't stand it! Synthetic Lavender scent can sometimes be too powdery but actual Lavender is more fresh and earthy.

Lady in a lavender field.
This is the epitome of lavender calm.

Many people associate Lavender with feelings of calm and tranquility. Lavender actually has properties that are sedative to the Central Nervous System, so enjoying the scent of Lavender really does help you relieve stress! And you know what is happier when your stress level goes down, your heart! Your heart is happier so lavender is calming to the cardiovascular system. If you carry a lot of stress on your shoulders, it weighs your heart down.

Some of our products that contain Lavender are as follows:

  • Cozy Linen Spray

  • Skin Nourishing Oil

  • Digestive support inhalers

  • Itch Spray

  • Bug Spray

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